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I had to change the address of an FTP share, and since Infuse does not allow you to change the server address of a share, the only option is to delete the existing share and create a new one with the updated address. After doing this, all entries in playlists were deleted, so the playlists were lost without any warning or way of backing up / restoring them.

My playlists were small so it wasn’t a big deal to lose them, but it could be annoying to lose large playlists that were built up over a long time, and it makes me lose confidence in the playlists feature of Infuse.

I think that there are a few things that could improve this user experience:

  1. When deleting a share, warn the user if there are playlist entries that will be deleted.
  2. Allow the user to change the address of an existing share.
  3. Support backing up / restoring playlists as text files so that the user doesn’t lose the playlists, and can manually edit the server name in the backup before restoring.
  4. If a share is deleted, have some way of allowing the user to see what playlist entries have gone missing.

Back/restore/edit would be good. I created playlists for the ArrowVerse for the correct viewing order… e.g. Arrow.S6.Flash.S4.LoT.S3.Supergirl.S3, Arrow.S7.Flash.S5.LoT.S4.Supergirl.S4, 80ish episodes per list… very tedious to enter. Was not impressed when I had to delete and re-add my share to fix things and all playlists are empty.


I think this is what happened to me I had my 2500 movie collection broken into playlists. I thought since the playlist was stored on iCloud I was ok but the movies are no longer under the playlist titles.

Yeah unfortunately playlists are based on file path not name (since people could have duplicates in different locations) and if you changed share it would see that as different.

There does need to be a way to save a file or something to backup playlists on the drives

Maybe I’m over simplifying things but it would not to hard to export the playlist in a excel format you could edit what you want then import. I will just wait until they provide some kind of functionality before i organize into playlists.

It seems that playlist items use hardcoded paths. So if the file name or location changes the link to that movie in the playlist breaks. And there’s no easy way to fix it. You have to delete the original playlist item, find the movie again and re-add it to the playlist.

It would be great if Infuse could actively assist the user in repairing the link. So if you try to play a movie from a playlist and the link is broken a dialog could open saying “file not found, search or browse to find the missing file”. You would find the file within that dialog and click “fix link” and the original playlist item would be repaired.

This would be similar to Abobe products like Illustrator when you open a design file and the fonts are not found… there is a “repair missing fonts” option.

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