Edge tap for 15s skip

I’d really like to see Infuse implement 15 second skips like YouTube TV’s Apple TV app does. Here’s a detailed description of the behaviour:

  • Any touchpad touch (not click) without info overlay:
    • Brings up info overlay
  • Edge touch (not click) on touchpad WITH info overlay present:
    • Pauses video
    • Presents the scrubber
    • Performs a 15s forward (right) or backward (left) skip
    • Repeated edge touches performs a 15s skip (forward or backward) - scrubber updated
    • Touchpad moves (sliding) results in fast video scrubbing
    • Touchpad Click (anywhere) resumes playback

I find this UI the most efficient way to move around. Using edge touches for fine grained positioning and touchpad moves (slides) for very fast (course) positioning.

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