ECID changing wen rebooting in recovery or DFU

Hello all

I was lurking this forum since my first jailbreak with 4.2.1 and now i’m back because xbmc crashed in an “apt-get upgrade” and my ATV2 was in boot loop, updated with itunes the 20th of march and did not noticed about 5.2.1 firmware :expressionless:
Since i have my old .shsh blobs i was perferctly aware that i could downgrade to my old firmware, but so is not.

But now after about 20-30 re-JB tentatives i’m not so sure.
And I’m trying to understand for example, why my ATV2 is continuously changing ECID while rebooting in DFU/PwnedDFU/Recovery state.
Is it normal?


ATV2 is my custom saved device with che correct ECID read when the ATV2 is in working state, while my ATV2 is in DFU or recovery could show up with different ECIDs. My ATV2 shsh blobs are saved with this ECID. 

Ok… now i understand.
ECID has to be saved when ATV is in DFU and i did not.

2y ago, when i first JB my ATV2, I saved SHSH blobs with a recovery state, because it was the time that some ATV2 started shipping with no DFU kick in without temporary plugging the power cable in.
[some of you know about some ATV2 needing to connect power cable for 1 sec after connecting USB before going into DFU correctly] 

I used some saved SHSH of the 20th of march (i have 5.1.1 and 5.2 ones) and the JB was ok with seas0npass directly.


To check if you have the correct SHSH blobs ECID, i used USBDeview for win:
The ECID showed here under “Apple Recovery (DFU) USB Driver” is the correct HEX one, and is 16char wide.

Check it with you SHSH blob files in /user/.shsh folder to see if you have SHSH valid for your ATV, to convert form and to hex you can use windows CALC in “programmer” mode.