whatever WIFI away from home or just using 4G/LTE be able very quickly connect to your mac back home which is turned on connected to the internet and ready to start streaming to your ipad or iphone. It’s always a pain in the ass to figure out how to make it work, I travel a lot and I just would looove to see something easy, PLEASE guys I need that. :smiley:

A guide with some info on a few ways to do this can be found here.

So i already know about that james, but where i am now there is no airport express or station, its a linksys and those method show there doesnt work, but if you look at air video app on app store they have an easy way to connect over internet (LTE) a PIN will show up on your mac all u have to do is copy that pin on your ipad or iphone and you can access your mac and start streaming.
Thanks for your quick answer though !

James, I could use a little help with this. I believe I have setup my AirPort Extreme exactly like the article explains, however I cannot seem to get infuse to connect to it.

If I connect through my MacBook on LTE or other WiFi network, I can access all the share files. However Infuse doesn’t connect. Perhaps im not configuring the AirPort Extreme the correct way? The information on the article is a little out of date and the Airport are on version 7.7.9 already. Also, I might not be putting the information correct on Infuse since there is no article on how to add the share on Infuse.

Please, a little help.

Thank you,