Easy improvement: make descriptions for Settings

I have used Infuse for may years. It always baffled me why the hard-to-understand Settings had no description on the bottom left side. In fact, Infuse has a description for ‘iCloud Sync’ and ‘Cloud Backup’ but not for the fifty following Settings.

How can newbie understand many of the Settings without having to start web searching the Firecore support pages? I have figured out most of the settings now, but would a new Infuse user understand these Settings:

Picks of the Day - Sure would be nice to know how that works before looking for changes
Hide Spoilers - Have no idea what that entails.
Show Logos - Maybe, but I don’t know where they would show up.
Clear All Metadata -Sounds scary, would be nice to know what happens next.
Streaming Cache - Sure would be nice to know that ‘Auto’ will fill up my Apple TV storage over time (like it did for me).

In short, it seems like an easy job for Firecore to add a line or two describing every setting there is, just like Apple does with the tvOS Settings.

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