Easily adjust filename/metadata within the app


Infuse is really beautiful but we badly need a way to edit file names within the app since currently if the naming isn’t perfect then it will not be matched and there is no chance to correct such issues.

Currently, for TV shows, if episode is referred in filename as 101 instead of s01e01, matching will fail.
For shows with duplicate name like scandal.us.s01e01, you’ll need to go back to your computer, rename the file to scandal.2012.s01e01 and transfer it again… A simple rename option in the app would save a lot of time.

It also would be interesting to be able to manually edit search queries.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks. We’ll look at adding a rename option.

In the meantime, have you tried reloading metadata as described here?

Sure it works but it’s painful :slight_smile:

To avoid such issues, I’m now using FileBot (CLI) to auto rename my files to a proper filename.

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Hi, I’d like to know whether There’s a functionality to manually edit the metadata in infuse. I have some foreign (French and German) movies and the metadata is all in English. Ideally, I would like to have French movie metadata in French and German movie metadata in German, even if I have to edit it myself.

Many thanks!