Ease the pain of losing metadata so frequently?

I have the 3rd gen ATV with 32GB. Lately Infuse has been losing the metadata about once a week, saying that tvOS flushed the data. It takes several minutes to crawl my Synology NAS to reclaim everything. Is there some way that I can prevent tvOS from flushing Infuse’s data? Or maybe the metadata could be stored in the cloud and retrieved when tvOS flushes it?

Yes, if you are using Infuse Pro metadata will be synced to iCloud which will allow Infuse to recover much quicker if/when tvOS decides to clear out Infuse’s data.

A bit more info on how iCloud Sync works and the requirements for setting it up can be found here.

Thanks, that solved it. For some reason I had to restore purchase for my Pro account.

Maybe you can clarify something for me. I currently use iCloud (not iCloud Drive). If I somehow lose my Infuse data, will it be restored automatically from iCloud, or do I have to enable iCloud Drive for this to work?

Infuse’s iCloud Sync does use iCloud Drive, so this will need to be enabled on all devices.

More info on enabling this can be found here.

Understood. Thanks, James. And thanks for a great app.

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