Early Preview: Wifi Browser File Uploads

One of the great things we’re working on for an upcoming version is simple wifi file uploads. Here’s an early peek at what we have in store.


Or to be able to download the same files I watch with Firecore through my Apple TV, SMB!  Please, please please!!!

Similar to eXPlayer Pro in the app store.

While I think Wifi Upload is nice.


I would REALLY love to see support for SMB/FTP so I can connect Infuse to my NAS and download my stuff from there.

Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll see what we can do!

That will be really useful. Just brought app to support firecore and look forward to great features that will be added over time.

Hey Guys,

Pretty sure this will be a hit, your other products are great and I have high expectations for infuse.

One good feature to have would be the option to be able to play videos directly from a sdcard using the apple sdcard reader. This then would negate need to copy the (usually) large video files to the iPad.

Hope this can (technically) be done!



I use a PQI Air drive - it is superb.


That, is a wonderful idea.  Many of us ipad users probably own the camera connection kit already.  There’s a number of 3rd party video storage/app products out there, but one that is open to more formats and uses existing kit would be a winner IMO.

I think this is a great idea. We’ll see what we can do.

This is a great idea! Also being an atv flash (black) customer, you guys keep on impressing!

Wifi upload feature would be more convenient.
SMB or AFP streaming/downloading in the same library poster look would be amazing.

Keep up the good work!

Please don’t waste your time on file uploading feature. There is a plethora of other apps that can do that. I will buy your app as soon as it supports SMB and AFS streaming (UPnP is dispensable).

Errm, as somebody with no interest in streaming but who wants to load files onto my iPad for trips, the wifi upload feature definitely does have value.

That said, being able to download files over SMB would be useful, since I could grab files from my SMB fileserver right on the iPad before heading out the door.