E-Mail App for ATV Flash?

Guys / Gals,

No doubt a dumb question, but grateful for any answers . . . Is it possible to run an e-mail program like Mozilla’s Thunderbird or Eudora as an App in NitoTV? I did try running Thunderbird, and it did retrieve/sync my Mobile Me e-mail account, but it only worked for a couple of minutes and now crashes every time it boots. It would be great to pick up e-mail on the ATV, and would help convince an otherwise skeptical wife that it is worth the time and money I have spent messing about with it!

With thanks and best wishes from the 51st State. :wink:

Must have been a REALLY dumb question!

But seriously, is there an app, or is it impossible, or does everyone think fetching e-mail on ATV would be stupid.

Most Tiger versions of email should in theory work…