E-AC3 + Atmos from local media

According to this: MrMC and MrMC Lite 3.8.0 – Dolby Atmos and few other bits – MrMC

MrMC supports Atmos (DD+) from local media. If they can do it, why can’t Infuse do it?

Just wondering :slight_smile:


infuse has no excuse for not supporting atmos (dd+). MrMC support for atmos is from march 1 !!!

Support for E-AC3 + Atmos is something we have on our list to look into, but there is very little content in the wild (outside of streaming services) that use this, so it’s a relatively low priority right now.

Most local Atmos content is going to be TrueHD + Atmos, which no app is able to support at this time due to limitation is tvOS.

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hello James,you’re right but as a Pro user i whant to have all the support…if they can do it you should do it! i’m a big fan of infuse and i use it for all my media content so pls support dd+ atmos.

Thank you James. But, I assume that you could rip movies with True HD Atmos and convert to EAC3/DD+?

Totally! :slight_smile:

It’s on our list, but we have a few other things to get to first.

AFAIK, there is currently no way to convert TrueHD to E-AC3 (DD+) while keeping the Atmos metadata intact.

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The only way to convert is with the expensive Dolby audio studio utilities.

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Hey, what happened to the last 2-3 posts??

Please keep posts on topic, and avoid discussions around particular file sources. Thanks!

With the new iPhones supporting ATMOS and more content available in the wild with dd+ atmos this would be a nice feature to have


+1 for this, best to have DD+ Atmos support pls, and rightly said about new IPhone supporting Atmos, I will be getting a new IPhone Pro soon too :slight_smile:

  • for ATMOS (DD+/TRUEHD)



If you look at the features post pinned to the top you’ll see 6.3.x has eac3 + atmos support coming.

Great news.

Will the feature that comes with 6.3.x support TrueHD / Atmos? or will it only support E-AC3?

e-ac3, truehd is not possible.

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In the releaseing note it says

Dolby Atmos (E-AC3) , ist mean dolby digital plus 7,1 that includes atoms effect ¿
What about truehd ¿ i know its not possible due to dolpy but what if converted to flac ¿ the sound of truehd in the app is very low compare to other app, such nplayer etch … moreover, is the sound effects throughout airplay earbuds such airpods pronetc … !

Dolby Atmos (E-AC3) is available in today’s 6.3 update.

Enjoy! :smiley: