What is the best way to watch a DVD?

Here is why I ask…I have over 400 movies ripped and converted to MP4 - all in iPad resolution…

This renders pretty good results - but no where near DVD resolution.

Each movie in MP4 format is about 1 GB of data - yet a full raw DVD is of course over 4GB of data.

So the trade offs are quality vs space.

Another aspect of my library is that I can take these MP4 movies and play them on ANY apple device - which my family loves.

So my question for everyone is if there is a way to rip a DVD and convert to MP4 while keeping the DVD resolution as well as compressing just a bit to save space?

Thanks for any insight - I love my AppleTV with atv Flash and would like a complete solution that fits all of my needs - yet not taking up so much space…

Exactly what resolution are you ripping to?   If you are really ripping to iPad resolution  then this should be HIGHER resolution than a typical DVD.  The file could just be smaller because h264 is a better codec than the one used on a typical DVD based on mpeg2.   However the 1GB you quote does seem too small for that so are you sure that you are not ripping to iPhone resolution?    The other limiting factor could be that the ripping software or the player software you are using are not ideal?

I use Magic DVD Ripper that has an iPad profile of 640x360

I wonder why that size when an iPad has a screen resolution of 1024x768 so that quality is only just over half of what the iPad could diplay.  I think most DVD’s are typically of a vertical resolution of 480 or something of that magnitude so youare correct in that your ripping software is reducing quality.  It sounds as though the Magic DVD Ripper authors have decided that the average user is more interested in saving space than maintaining quality. It might be worth looking to see if they have any other profiles that create mp4 at higher resolutions.   I guess if you want maximum quality then one that keeps the output resolution the same as the input but converts to mp4 would give the best results.