DVDs over AFP very jerky


The media player integration is very nicely done (easier then on ATV1). The problem I have is I have my DVDs copied (VIDEO_TS) folders copied to my QNAP NAS (509 Pro, with has a very hight throughput to all my other devices). The ATV2 is connected to my LAN by cable as is my NAS. So there is no WIFI connection in between. The DVDs are shown nicely with cover under Media and they play, but they play VERY VERY jerky,with sound breaking picture freezing very often etc. (not just like 50/60Hz jump in frames). It's the feel that the data is not getting quickly enough to the ATV2. The same video plays smoothly over WIFI on my MacBook. 

So does the ATV2 has not enough power to decode the MPEG2 or is the Network Interface to slow or is it just the AFP implementation that is not yet perfect?

Does someone has a similar scenario? Encoding to MPEG4 is not an option since I want to keep the DVD menues, extras and such).

Thanks for a hint


Hi Holger,

I have exactly the same setup, except that my NAS is a LaCie NetworkSpace 2. The playback of VIDEO_TS folders is stuttering and not usable at all. Let's hope the next update will fix this...


Mine is very jerky as well.