.dvdmedia no longer supported?

Greetings everyone,

Infuse Pro on my Apple TV 4K decided it no longer wanted to sync with my hard drive or the metadata server about three weeks ago. I’ve been wrestling with it ever since. Just Friday, I finally got it working again after erasing all the old metadata and removing the Share and adding it again. However, the new Share no longer includes any of my .dvdmedia files and they don’t appear in any of the folders on the app.

Before I moved to New Zealand in 2014, I converted all of my DVDs as .dvdmedia so I could access them from abroad. When I got my Apple TV in 2019, I was wonderfully surprised to discover Infuse Pro and its support for .dvdmedia files, even if it doesn’t recognize the menus or other video on the DVDs (I can always access those from the computer, if necessary).

Now with this new fresh Share and metadata, all of the .dvdmedia files are gone—about 200 of them in total! Did an update to the app recently delete the option or is some setting not selected? How can I restore access to my .dvdmedia files on my Infuse Pro for Apple TV? Any help is appreciated.

What type of device are you streaming from?

Do you know what connection method you are using? Some connection types like UPnP, DLNA, Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin won’t support folder based files like .dvdmedia, ISO, BDMV, etc…

You can view the connection type by navigating to: Infuse > Settings > Shares > Share Name > Edit

I’m not streaming. I have a SMB drive connected via ethernet. And again, it worked less than a month ago. It was only when I re-synced the Share and re-downloaded the metadata that the .dvdmedia files stopped appearing.

Can you try browsing this share via Infuse > Settings > Shares > Share Name > Add Favorites?

This will show you a list of all the files Infuse is able to see, even things which are not supported like PDFs and Word docs.

I can navigate until I get to my “Movies” folder, at which point I get an interesting error:

“An error occurred ErrorCode 0xc00000e9”

No files appear at all in the folder. The TV Shows folder works just fine—everything appears in the folders including non-usable files.

From what I can tell, this ErrorCode is a Windows error, which doesn’t make sense since Windows is not involved at any point in this network. Any fixes?

That error could also be a disk I/O error. Are these files on an external drive by any chance? As a test could you try copying one of the dvdmedia files that are not readable into one of the directories you can read media from?

You might try switching the SMB version in Infuse (Settings > Shares > Share Name > Edit > Advanced).

SMB2 or Legacy will work better with some device and network setups.

I had no problem transferring a .dvdmedia file from one folder to another.

I tried switching to both SMB2 and Legacy (it had been on Auto) but neither of these changes caused a change in files being detected. The Movies folder is still erroring on Infuse (but works fine when accessed from a computer).

So the dvdmedia file showed and played in Infuse after you moved it to a new working directory?

Thanks for the tip, NC_Bullseye. I didn’t understand what you meant at first but I have tested it now. So, basically things got really weird.

First, I was able to transfer a file to a different folder and it DID appear on Infuse! But it wouldn’t play… I think ran several diagnoses on the hard drive and it was definitely erroring, so I repaired it and got it all cleaned up. After that, I moved everything into an entirely new folder with a different name. And…nothing changed. The same exact problem is happening again. New folder, still nothing in it is being recognized and everything in the TV Shows folder IS being recognized and playing just fine.

My next test will be to take a small selection of things out of the Films folder and see if they work on Infuse. I suspect there’s a corrupted file or two that are causing the entire folder to error. It’s the only explanation I can think of for why moving the files to a new folder does nothing. Considering I have hundreds of files in the folder, this could definitely take a while.

It may have damaged the files in some way. Any way to get a fresh dvdmedia file and place it other than the repaired drive and test to see if it will play?

I’ll play around with it a little more later today if I have time, but I’m going to be gone later this week and have a lot to do before then, so I may have to shelve repair works until I get back.

I don’t have a spare drive at the moment but I may retrieve my offsite backup and try using that. It’s a flash drive so much more stable. I don’t have any fresh .dvdmedia files, though, nor even a way to make them since I am on a newer Mac that doesn’t have a DVD drive and I don’t have access to a portable drive. Either way, it’s the old files I need since those are the backups of my DVDs that are in storage in the US, which I won’t be returning to for quite a while yet.

I am fairly certain that the problem is with just one or two files in the folder that are somehow making the folder error. So the real task will be slowly moving those files in small groups until I find the corrupted file.