.dvdmedia files from RipIt


I have RipIt to rip my dvd collection to my hard drive.

when it does this it appears as a .dvdmedia file in my HD. Is this a long name for another file extension and will it play on an appleTv via ATX flashing.

I like the fact that it includes all of the DVD menus and don’t want to convert to h.264 or divX if I dont have to.



 I have a similar problem. 

time Capsule has been mounted but when i want to play my DVD ripped with ripit the Apple TV always reeboot.

I want to stream my ripped dvd from my TC.



…is the Smart_Installer now part of Beta7? 

I also would really like t know this, and if it is possible, then where do I FTP then to, and how do I get them to play?



Uuuhhhh… yeah.

Yes, RipIt files are supported. It is best to remove the .dvdmedia extension, or just switch this option off in the RipIt settings.

Once ‘ripped’ these files can be placed in the Apple TV movies folder, and played with nitoTV.


gret thanks, and thanks for removing the Spam post too

I’ve tried copying a Ripit file into the Movies folder - when I try to play it from NitoTV the Apple logo appears and then goes back to ‘Play Disc’ (which keeps happening everytime I try to play it)

Should I be copying the whole folder over to AppleTV or just a subfolder?

Has the Smart Installer been ran? This will greatly improve DVD playback.

Perfect… that’s worked

I am able to play the movies that I burnt using RipIt but cannot get the artwork. The disc I burnt using Handbrake (saved as a M4V) worked fine. Is there something about how RipIt burns that causes the problem. Per suggestion, I went under preferences and unchecked the extension option. Any suggestions?