Dvdiso can’t select other subtitles and audio

Why infuse can’t play dvd menu?
Now dvd can’t load multi audio and subtitles !
How to solve?

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Unfortunately, DVD menus aren’t supported at this time, but you can switch between the various audio and subtitle tracks through the Playback Menu which can be found by tapping the gear icon (iOS) or swiping down (tvOS) while a video is playing.

But I can’t switch audio and subtitle…it must be selected version which audio and subtitles in dvd menu… in dvd menu have two version you can select,so infuse pro 5 didn’t support dvd menu make me very troubled…because it only can play Original version,can’t play dubed version… my dvd had two audio,one is japanese,one is cantonese,I want to watch Cantonese version in iPhone,please help me how to do

Actually, the Playback Menu will actually allow you to access any audio and subtitle tracks that are present inside the ISO. This can be done without having to use the normal DVD menus.

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