Cam someone tell me how to take my dvd and transfer then to my apple tv ? I have tried to drag them from my macbook dvd drive and it keep
denying it?

Most DVDs are encoded so you can not just drag them off. You can use a program like MacTheRipper or FairMount to bypass the encryption. Take note that this is a gray area of the law and some say it is illegal and some say you can “backup” your own DVDs without any problems. Fire Core does not support this in any way.

I also am trying to use the DVD function that atv comes with. however i dont really know how to play my dvd’s on my apple tv?

I guess the first question is what does this dvd function allow you to do? Does it make it so i can share my dvd drive on my computer with my apple tv ? if yes How? Or do the dvd need to be copied using mactheripper and then placed in some unknown location? Do they need to be converted into some disc image format such as ISO?

I have looked and can find very little information as to how to make this DVD function work… if anybody is willing to give some good detailed instruction i would be very appreciative.