DVD subtitles not displayed correctly

Infuse pro7

This is other player

Infuse pro 7 view dvb subtitles will higher bigger than normal size dvb subtitles

This is video link: (link removed)

can someone help?

You can adjust this down with the subtitles options when you swipe down from the top. I don’t think you can change the size of the text with this type of subtitle since I think it’s a picture and not actual text.

why serivce team don’t fix this bug?

I just check wenhaobin’s google drive video to see what he means.
For those who wondering, wenhaobin actually means a bug “Vobsub stretched in infuse compared to other player” @james
I tested it on my iPhone and M1Pro Macbook, the vobsub is indeed stretched vertically compared to iina & Movist pro.

I guess it should be moved to “Video Playback” or “Platform” category.

Thanks for the report!

We’re looking into this.

Thank you very much . My English is so bad.

hello the link no died i send you messenger