DVD sound problems/chattering in XMBC

Have problems with shuttering video when streaming DVDs or EyeTV Files using NitoTV. Guess it’s a caching bug in NitoTV/Mplayer. Anyway…

Installed XMBC, streaming EyeTV files is working fine now, needs some time to load/fill the cache but than it’s just perfect.

When I try to play ripped DVDs (VideoTS directories) and independently if they are copied onto ATV or streaming there are sound problems.
Sound during the movie menue (when I can select chapters…) is still fine but when it comes to the movie itself there is just a chattering.
It doesn’t matter if I choose Dolby 2.0 or Dolby 5.1.
ATV is connected via HDMI to a new SONY LCD TV and the sound is passed through to a surround audio equipment. Sound problems occur on both.
Played around with audio hardware settings, enabled AC3 pass through… nothing helped.

Anybody any idea.

When I can play/stream my ripped DVDs ATV Flash is PERFECT!!!

Hast the Smart Installer been run? This will greatly improve DVD playback outside of XBMC.