DVD rips work great but...

Hi all,

New to aTV Flash and nitoTV.

I have ripped a whole bunch of my DVDs onto 2 external hard drives. The two 1.5TB Seagate drives are connected via a powered USB hub. I use nitoTV to play the DVDs and each one would start up fine and plays fine except for one thing: Every 2.5 to 3 minute intervals, the video would lag or jump and then continues on like nothing has happened. The picture and audio quality is great just the lag/jump is the problem.

I read two things to check: Cache and H.264 toggle. Are there anything else I need to check/change to get rid of the lag/jump?



You will also want to ensure all updates (specifically nitoTV) have been installed through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

Thanks for the tip. I tried the cache time changed to 1 minute and it works!..after AppleTV rebooted a few times.

Hi, so were you able to connect two external usb Hard disk via a powered hub usb to Apple TV and configure NitoTV to use both of them ? I mean some films on first HD and other on the last one ?

Thanks, regards, Roberto.

Yes, if multiple drives are connected using a hub they will all appear in the nitoTV > Files menu.

That sounds very good, could yuo point me where to find documentation (user manual, ecc.) about NitoTV ?

Is it again true that NitoTV isn’t able to reproduce dobly digital 5.1 ?

In the end: do you know if also other applications like XMBC, Sapphire, Front Row are able to use more than one external USB hard disk drive as source for data like films, music, ecc. ?

Thanks a lot and best regards.