DVD Ripping Confusion

Hi all,

I am slowly being driven to distraction by the inconsistent results I am getting playing back DVD rips using ATV Flash & Apple TV.

Up to now I have been ripping my DVD’s (ripping the entire disc, menu’s & special features included) using DVD Decrypter and saving as an ISO on a NAS share, then attempting to play them back using nitoTV and mPlayer… the results are nowhere near as good as I was expecting… some of the files play, some have navigation issues, some play with audio only and a black screen and some simply crash the AppleTV… why? why? why? Why don’t they just play? :frowning:

I’ve since decided that ripping the entire disc is not what I want and I want to rip ONLY the main movie. Does anyone out there have any experience of ripping DVD’s specifically for playing back via AppleTV? What is the best piece of software to use for this process in order to remove all the copy/ripping protection?

Also, I’ve just created a USB drive upgrade for 3.4.4 so that I can get a look at Sapphire… should I be using this rather than nitoTV?

Any help appreciated,
Paul :wink:

I’m very interested in this question too !


Just to say that I was experiencing the same problem as you and, following a post in the NitoTV forum, I changed my Apple TV resolution from 1080p to 1080i. This seems to have fixed the problems I was having with some of my DVD VOB files. Now all files are playing correctly without me having to go into the settings and fiddling.

Just for info, I have my NitoTV settings set to 8 mins cache and Quicktime as the player.


@pander and popsie
I use a program called RIPIT to strip any protection off the disc. This works really well and is very simple to use. Insert a dvd and it starts ripping, right away. It’s not loaded with features, but it rips super fast.


I then use the Elgato turbo.264 and it’s software to convert to h.264 itunes friendly, high quality files. The great thing about the Elgato turbo is that it takes the load off your machines processor by utilizing a small external, USB processor, and converts files super fast. All the while you can be surfing the web, working or whatever, without your processor getting bogged down. Not a big deal if you have a newer computer, but a Godsend if you have an old G4, imac.


I’ve only run into 2 movies out 50 that I couldn’t rip, so far. When that happened, I used AnyDVD to make Video TS files and converted with Toast Titanium 9. Toast also works with the Elgato, but is not as fast.

Prior to me finding these tools, I would Rip and convert movies on my PC, and then drag to my Mac and into itunes. So this method has really streamlined it for me. I hope it works for you too. Good luck!


I personally use Mac The Ripper or FairMount to rip the DVD. I then put it into VisualHub or Handbrake to convert it. I then put it into MetaX to put in tags with possible artwork and movie, director, actors names. It seems to work pretty well for me.

I use Mac The Ripper v3 to do a full extract to my USB External Hard Drive. No other fiddling required after that in order to stream the content to the ATV. Just set the drive up as a shared folder and have all your DVDs at the touch of a button, complete with menus and extras.

I’ve spent the past 2 months (on and off) ripping my entire DVD collection, virtually filling my 2TB drive. =)

One last thing, contrary to my previous post, using v3.5 of ATV allows me to run all my ripped DVDs in 1080p.