DVD rip from different sources behaviour...

A movie from a DVD - ripped with all available audio and subtitle tracks - shows different
behaviour regarding to subtitles depending from where it is played.

• copy of the file in the App plays all available VobSub subtitles
• streaming from a MacMini plays all available VobSub subtitles
• open it from the iTunes Library of my device behaves like the
apple video app of the device itself - all audio tracks but no VobSub
subtitles available.

Does the Library cut off the subtitles of the original file or is that an Infuse
issue while importing from the device’s iTunes library?

#update → By the way - iPhone4 running latest iOS 7 - DVD ripped with Handbrake

It’s possible yes.

When playing synced content in Infuse, some of the features will be limited as we don’t have full control/access to the files.

That’s what I thought. No file browser or other video player can achieve
that. Not even Apple’s own video app does it.

Strange. What do I want from a DVD? Watch a movie and see the subtitles…

Though - thanks for the reply!