DVD question

On the main page you guys state the following.

Enjoy DVDs the Simple Way
Access all your DVDs on a single device for easy viewing. Includes full access to menus, special features, and 5.1 sound.

I’m curious as to how that works. I couldn’t really find an explanation anywhere on your site. Thanks!


Me neither! As it appears it is NOT possible straight: “Unfortunately you won’t be able to play DVDs from your Mac’s optical drive on the Apple TV. However, if you backup the files using something like RipIt you can connect to your Mac and play the files using the Media menu on the Apple TV.”

So the statement is just wrong and misleading in my eyes. If I have to rip DVDs anyway, so why not going the full way import them into itunes and watch them the regular way? For this the software and jailbreak is just unnecessary!