DVD Playing issues

I have an issue since I have upgraded to the latest ATV with playing some DVD. There are two different issues.

One of the images when i play title i see the Apple for a second then i get a couple green flashes on the screen and returns to the Play Title option. I moved this drive to my apple system and have no problem playing this dvd on it.

The second issue is other DVDs when i chose to play title it starts further into the DVD and it is choppy.

These both worked fine with previous version of ATV.

In hope that just had a small glitch I went thru these steps.

  1. restored factory settings on AppleTV
  2. updated AppleTV software.
  3. Connected ATVFlash and reinstalled.
  4. Ran Smart Installer.

After this I have the same issue.

I am having a similar issue. I am noticing that playback of a ripped DVD or even a downloaded torrent from http://www.thebox.bz.com, becomes more and more jerky as time goes on. If one reboots Apple TV, then the problem goes away, but after 15 minutes or so it is back. I haven’t noticed this with Itunes playback. All this never happened two updates ago, so I am wondering if it is an ATV issue, an Apple update issue or what?

Can someone please advise about this. I am seeing this complaint a lot these days

Same issue trying to play a DVD on a connected USB DVD Player. Green screen then back to the play option. New to ATV so I’m not sure what went before.

Same issue here. I have a 500gb External HDD connected to my ATV via USB. When I try to play DVD’s or downloaded torrents from the HDD I get the jerky picture issue. A reboot of the Atv temporarily fixes this but it comes back within 30 mins.

Has anybody found a fix for this frustrating problem. It’s a nightmare having to reboot the Atv every 30 mins or so.

If you’re experiencing choppy video playback you will want to update the ‘AirControl’ plugin. The update can be installed through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

That may work, but what if you haven’t the plugin installed at all? Install it so it can update? Will that fix the problem?

No, installing AirControl won’t affect DVD playback. What issues are you seeing?

Hi, I am seeing a real stutter/lag in the video. My server is a WD MyBookWorld and plays wirelessly to all my pcs, macs without issue. Only on AppleTV in NitoTV, Initially starts fine, then about 5 secs in it gets really choppy. Pretty much one frame every 3-4 secs. Same goes for the sound performance. Except on the menu screen where it plays flawlessly again. I am on a Airport Extreme wireless “n” network with my AppleTV. I would say it was the wireless network, if it weren’t for the fact that on Boxee on the aTV the DVD media plays like it should.

It has to be a nitoTV implementation of the DVD material working within the confines of the aTV itself. Compressed avi video, no problem. Video_TS not working yet. Hoping for a solution soon! :slight_smile: