DVD Playback - Remote not working in DVD Menu


I’m using aTV Flash Black beta 5 on an aTV 2nd Generation with current Firmware.

In the Media Player (Alpha Version), when i choose a DVD-File (VIDEO_TS, ripped with Mac The Ripper), the Menu shows up, but it’s not possible to do anything there:

Arrow up -> increases Volume

Arrow down -> Decreases Volume

Arrow left -> Fast Rewind

Arrow right -> Fast Forward

Play/Pause -> Play/Pause the Menu (which seems to be a video file of 33s)

Menu -< Takes me back to File Menu

So: Is there a way to chose something from the menu? Maybe a secret (since there is no manual) code like “press Play, Menu, up and right for 8 seconds”?!





Changed the whatever-files of the DVD-rip to proceed directly to the main movie instead of the menu (as mentioned here). Result: Endless buffering, as mentioned here). sigh

Okay. Thanks so far for alle the tipps.

I’d say, the feature “Enjoy DVDs the Simple Way - Store all your DVDs on a single device for easy viewing. Includes support for menus and special features.” is not working in any way. So I’m waiting for the next beta or a manual. 

Is this happening with all your files, or just a few?

Which tool was used to backup your DVDs?

Well, ordinary video files (.mp4) are being played well, just the ripped DVD-files not. i tried it with to files, one directly copied from the dvd, one ripped with MacTheRipper - in both cases the main menu appears, with no way to chose anything.

OK, seems my answer was not helpful. Will continue waiting for Beta 6.

This was an issue in some of the earlier version of Media Player, are you running the latest 0.4-201956 version? (check in Manage Plugisn menu)

The version of Media Player that is coming in Beta6 will have an entirely new core that was designed from the ground up for iOS, so it’s likely most issues like this will be resolved.

I can play vob files in the folder but not videoTS folder. If I use DVD2oneX2 to make a move only copy of a ripped disc with MTR4 it won’t play. If I save it  as a vob file for using media player. it plays. Strange. XBMC not playing VIDEO-TS either (program closes) but will play the vob inside.


Ok. MAYBE A HELP HERE. After a MTR rip, run through DVD2oneX2. Set for dual layer, so you do not get compression unless you want it or the file is not that large. Set for media player rather than dvd as output. Once done change, the file vob name to mp4. Both XBMC and Media player run fine. Now I need to make sure there are no buffering problems once a few minutes in. 

Is this happening with all DVD files, or just some?

You may try using RipIt to see if the issue persists.


Yes, this has occurred with all attempts… so far about 6 dvds as I am only a recent purchaser of atvFlash.


Ok, for the time being you may give Ripit a try to see if things improve.

The next version of aTV Flash (black) and Media Player will have substantially improved DVD file playback which could very well resolve your issue as well.

Thanks James. I just did a rip with RipIT. Played with media player as a full menu like a dvd. But… on the computer the film plays in wide screen as it should. Through media player it is via atv2 it is 4x3. I checked Samsung TV setting and it i set for 16x9.

Ok - the 4x3 issue some DVDs are exhibiting is a known issue and will be resolved soon.

OK. At least the current workarounds work. Looking forward to the improvements. This is going to be a premiere product.


I’ve just ripped a DVD with RipIt - I did two versions, an mkv and a dvdmedia (full disc backup), and I’m streaming from from a network hard drive via AFP.

The mkv loads up and plays but every 30 seconds stutters.

The dvdmedia doesn’t work at all, and just goes to ‘buffering’ screen endlessly.


THe 4x3 issue was resolved after running the rip through DVD2oneX2

This will be resolved in the next beta.

These files are best played as a folder. Try removing the .dvdmedia extension (right click --> get info --> remove the .dvdmedia extenstion from filename).


FYI - it looks like the root cause of the 4x3 issue has already been resolved for the next beta. :)


I gave this a try, and it did open the menu but I couldn’t select any of the options, so I hit play and it played, in Spanish. No stuttering though!