DVD Playback (Nito TV) --- No Menu Access

Hi there,

i´m running ATV Flash 3.2.2 with ATV firmware 2.1.
When i access DVDs (TS_video) the DVD starts, but when the meu appears i am not able to choose anything from.
So even the movie cannot be started.
Any suggestions how to solve the problem ?

Thanks in advance, -cortex-

Make sure you have the ‘enable dvd menus’ option set to yes in DVD > Settings.


i have enabled DVD menus and downloaded the actual codecs.
I heard something about installing additional remote options ?
May this be a reason ?
But i don´t know how to do this.
There is a menu option where i can choose key functions, but they don´t work.

Any more helpful suggestions ?

I also have this kind of problem. When I start an video_ts, I have the menu. When I choose “subtitles”, I can go to a language but how do I select the language? When I click the play/pause the movie starts without any subtitle.

I also have DVD menus enables.

at least you can choose anything.
for me there´s even no option to choose anything.
up/down on my remote toggles volume, play toggles play/pause, left does nothing and right chooses next chapter (only one time, then it does nothing)
menu-button jumps back to last chapter or back to nito TV.

So how do you people think gonna watch any DVD with this kind of trash ?

Hello guys from ATV-Flash… ?

still waiting for an answer for my problem…
there´s no use for ATV-Flash for me if there´s no DVD support (?)

please refer to my problem. Thanks

How are you obtaining the DVD files? If using Mac the Ripper, make sure you are doing a full disc extraction.

i am using clone DVD on a pc.
i am extracting the full DVD (1:1).
the problem is, that the menu will play, but i cannot choose anything (like play movie or behind the scenes).
pressing the buttons on the apple remote will only raise or decrease volume or jumps between intro, trailer and menu.
no way watching the main movie, no way choosign something from the DVD menu !

Ok, no experience with Clone DVD here. Are the files VIDEO TS, or ISO? VIDEO TS files seem to play more reliably than ISO.

Hi there!
According to Nito himself, subtitles from DVD-menues (and DVD movie-only rips???) won´t work in his current release (look at his forum). And since atv Flash is just a compilation of third party apps … you get the point.

Still, no word from you atv Flash guys on any success enabling the keymap function. Seems a lot of people have problems with that. Does it work on your machines?


i am using Video_TS Files…no ISOs
it´s a 1:1 copy from the DVD.
Winmann is right, what about the keymap function…this seems to be the key to the problem ?

It may be related to keymaps. Here is some info taken directly from the nitoTV wiki.


During playback you can toggle between keymaps for the controller by pressing and holding menu.

The current keymaps are as follows (during playback)

(NOTE: this only applies to mplayer playback)

These commands can be changed by editing the controls.plist file in ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/nito/ - in the frontrow folder - not the system folder --BonesSK 00:44, 8 April 2008 (CEST)–BonesSK

keymap 1:

left : rewind 10 seconds
right : fast forward 10 seconds
hold left : previous item in the playlist (if applicable)
hold right : next item in the playlist (if applicable)
up : increase volume
down : decrease volume
play/pause : play or pause

keymap 2:

left : rewind 60 seconds
right : fast forward 60 seconds
hold left : rewind 600 seconds
hold right : fast forward 600 seconds
up : move a subtitle up
down : move a subtitle down
play/pause : toggle on screen display

keymap 3:

left : sub_delay -0.1
right : sub_delay +0.1
hold left :sub_select
hold right : switch_audio
up : audio_delay +0.100
down : audio_delay -0.100
play/pause : show file name

Hi atv Flash guys!
I´m fully aware of the above mentioned feature, how it should work, how you can modify it etc. And I think the other posters are, too. The problem is:

it just doesn´t work! Pressing menu to change the keymap doesn´t do anything (as I said three times before in other threats).

As if the keymap feature has been shut down. That´s what the other guys were talking about. So again my question: has anybody managed to perform a keymap (in reality!) and used it to switch languages/subtitles etc. during DVD-File playback? Simple question, atv Flash. Have you?


yep, agree to winnman…
seems like you haven´t tried it yourself.
we all know how it should work…but it doesn´t.

A workaround for Mac users.

Use MyDVDedit ( http://www.mydvdedit.com/index.php?lang=english ) and change the VIDEO_TS map as follow:

First Play menu – change the location to the main movie (i.e no jump to the first menu but straight to the main movie)
Main movie — insert the command to use the subpicture of your choice in the main movie

click save


If you point to the VIDEO_TS map on your aTV the movie will play without menu’s en with the subs of your choice – no need for the infrared controller :slight_smile:

(every DVD has a different structure but you can test your changes with DVD-player on your Mac)

According to nito (the author of the DVD/nitoTV plugin) he is close to completing an updated version that apparently fixes many of the keymap issues people have reported.

Once this update is available, it will be included within the aTV Flash package. You will also be able to update automatically from within the DVD/nitoTV plugin itself.

Oh my god!
Finally found it. Disable the usage of dvd-menues and kemapping works like a charm.


atv likes to hang in this mode :frowning:
managed “300”
failed “Fight Club”, “Casino Royale” tbc

I have this exact problem.

See http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1766&p=7853#p7853

Please, can you tell me where the "diable dvd mennu option is? I am running 3.6.3

Thank you so much!