DVD playback going straight to content (No Menus)

Just downloaded the latest (12/16) build of ATV Flash, and tried playing my first DVD today using the nitoTV.

It goes straight to the first chapter of playback, bypassing the menu structure completely. It then only plays the first episode (or chapter in the case of a movie), then goes back to the AppleTv menu. From what I can tell, I do have the menus enabled (although the preferences look a little different this version). In some cases the screen just goes to black and all that plays is sound.

Am I missing something?

I am getting the same problem. Anyone knows how this can be fixed?

This varies from movie to movie. Some will show the menu immediately, others will start playing the movie bypassing the menu. The menu can be accessed by pressing the menu button once on the remote while the movie is playing (assuming menus are contained within the VIDEO TS folder).