DVD Playback ** FINALLY CRACKED!! **

Hi all,

Finally I think I have found the best way to playback DVD’s on the AppleTV!
For those of you like myself who have plenty of storage space and plenty of DVD’s and who want to enjoy their DVD collection “as is” without any compression or issues with aspect ratios then I have found the solution.

I have made several posts on this forum regarding the playback of DVD ISO images and the many issues I was having in getting them to work with AppleTV.

After much messing around I have found that the best solution is to create a single VOB file of the DVD movie. This seems to work perfectly in nitoTV using mPlayer. “House of Wax” which would not play as an ISO using ANY setting worked first time after I used “DVDFab Platimun” to create a single VOB file of the ISO using a profile called “VOB Passthrough” which basically keeps the movie in tact “as is” and stitches together the movie VOB files.

I tried this on another non playing file “Transformers.ISO” and again it worked first time. Also tried it on an ISO a friend gave me (“Wanted.ISO” which also crashed AppleTV) with which I had no idea how it was created and that also worked perfectly first time.

So, it seems as though nitoTV at least has a preference for single VOB files for DVD Playback.
That’s job done for me, converting my DVD’s to digital copies and playing them back through AppleTV was the main reason for purchasing ATVFlash. I hope this information proves useful to anyone else having issues with DVD Playback.


Or maybe NitoTV just doesn’t like to play crap dvd titles. :smiley: (just kidding)

I think you probably stumbled onto a good workaround…I think my specific issue is more with the resolution issue that Madcran mentioned in the AppleTV 2.3 update. But hey, whatever works for you!

After messing around with all this, it made me realize that I do kinda like using Handbrake to convert DVDs to a single file that is optimized for the AppleTV. That way its super easy to add metadata, and the movies all show up in itunes & in my normal list of movies. Handbrake doesn’t really take that long to work, and it also does the AC3 passthru (which i believe the DVDPlayer doesn’t do yet?)

The best thing about playing DVDs (for me), is easily watching all the extras, without having to convert them.


hey guys, this is great. i was trying to get a similar dvd backup question answered. ok so i want to back up a tv series it is obviously multiple episodes per disc and i want to retain the complete quality as well as maintain somewhat easy identification of the files - meaning if i create an iso of disc 1 with 2 episodes on it will this just be one giant file? . i own the program you mention, where do i start exactly?

thanks for the help man! this is great.


Use DVDFab to load the ISO you created and use the ‘DVD Mobile’ option. All the episodes will be listed in the ISO contents… simply do 1 episode at a time and use the ‘vob passthrough’ method to create a vob of each episode.