DVD Playback Audio Intermittent

I am having issues with playback of DVD files (Video_TS). I am streaming from a NAS via airport extreme and fixed ethernet cable to Apple TV. It plays the DVD file absolutely perfectly with no jitters or issues, which is great :D but every so often the audio drops out for a second or two and then continues :(, this happens without any issues with the picture. If happens at different times during playback and across all files. These files play seamlessly on other devices. Has anyone experienced this issue or maybe has a proposed solution?

All input appreciated…

This is something we’re looking into.

Currently it’s occurring with slower (wifi) networks, but we’ve seen it a few times when using ethernet as well.

Yes got the same problem. It got slightly better when I connected the atv directly to the receiver. 

Before I used HDMI to the TV, then optical to the receiver. Nevertheless still annoying.

Any tips how we should start debugging this ?

Edit: aTV connected via Ethernet to FritzBox 7390 using 1000BaseT

Any news ?