DVD play problems

I’m brand new to ATV Flash. I just bought and installed this week and am learning my way arround.

My problem is that I can’t seem to get DVD to play. Here’s what I’ve done.
Ripped the DVD with Mac the Ripper.
Used Cyberduck to move the DVD file to ATV movie folder.
Selected the NITOtv application to select the DVD. A screen with Play Title appears and I select that.

Here’s where the trouble starts. The Apple Logo appears and the system reboots. I’m now back to where I started from.

Thanks for your help.

Do this, when you have the VIDEO_TS folder highlighted in NitoTV, press the right arrow (>) button on your Apple remote. Was this the way you were doing it? It actually took me a couple months to figure this out.

Using NitoTV I don’t get to the VIDEO_TS folder; although other screens I did and your answer helped but with the same result. ATV rebooted when I tried to play the movie.

Here’s where I am.
NitoTV -> File -> Movies -> “movie title” -> Play title -> reboot.

Thanks anyway

Hello All

I was having problems playing DVDs on Nito TV. ATV rebooted all the time, or did not play the file - I used to get an error message etc. I really dont understand why but would like to. Can somebody help me ?

After all I gave up

The only way I could do it was ripping the DVDs with Rip It (http://www.ripitapp.com ) and watch it on XBMC.
If I rip it with MactheRipper or Handbreake it did not work out - only with Rip It.

Good luck you all.

I know some Sony DVDs have ARccOS Protection, only RipIt seems to be able to rip those movies properly. Sony tried to change the encryption to fool the DVD rippers out there. Some have changed and some have not.