DVD Menu - doesn't run properly


I used DVDfab (DVDCopy) to to rip a full DVD last night. First time ever lol.

Anyway, I ripped a copy of Pingu (not for me… my son!). Copied the Video and Audo folders onto my NAS, and then used Media player to locate it. Selecting the ‘Pingu’ DVD loaded up the DVD Menu, i then couldn’t cycle through any options on the dvd, and then after about 5 seconds, it started playing the DVD.

I pressed Menu, to try and return to the DVD menu, and the sounds then goes dead, it freezes for about 10 seconds, then goes back to the menu. 5 seconds later, it starts playing again.


I’m going to try other DVD’s tonight - but I’m just wondering if there are issues with DVD’s or have I converted it wrong?

On another note, i have an old Apple TV with ATVFlash installed, and the menu half works on that, but is very slow, and the DVD is extremely stuttery!

Try updating to today’s version and let us know if the issues persist.

Hi, I’ve updated and restarted.
The DVD menu works fine now!
However when I select an episode, it goes to Buffering screen and stays for about 2 minutes, then the apple tv restarts.

Ok, if you can submit a bug report we’ll track down what’s going on.

Ok - I’ve just done that. Many thanks.

This product has changed my life lol