DVD Menu does not work

Update: works fine with another DVD! Must be a Porblem of this one!



I just installed the new Media Player version 0.6 and riped a DVD to test. Unfortunately i am not able to access the menu of the DVD and start the movie.

What i did:

  1. Installing maintenance and media player (0.6)
  2. Restarted lowtide
  3. Riped the DVD with MacTheRipper on my iMac (DVD Title: Keine halben Sachen 2 --> German Version of "the whole nine yards 2") to a directory on my Server
  4. Tested the ripped DVD with my mac dvd player --> ok
  5. Started the Media player on my ATV2 and started the playback. The menu is displayed but i can not select any of the menus. The 1 minute menu movie runs forever
  6. Stopped the media player and started xmbc. Selected the first .IFO file and everything runs well. I even can select chapters

I found 1 difference of the behavior when i started the movie with the different players: 

On the mac and with xmbc a short pre-movie is shown (“copying dvd is illegal”) and then the menu shows up and works. With Media Player, this pre-movie is skipped and the menu is displayed directely (and does not work).

At the moment i only have this dvd to test. 

Is this a known problem?

Thanks and kind regards