DVD Media support for Infuse 4

Longtime user of Firecore/Infuse on ATV 2, I was surprised to find no support of .dvdmedia / vob. Pretty big disappointment for having paid the original license plus a life time upgrade with another 10 bucks to go for the pro version to add DTS support but lose dvdmedia support.

What happened there? Will it get implemented soon or do we have to start converting…?

It would be polite towards their Customers if they would let them know if they are planning this option.

Don’t know if i will start coverting, but it’s good te know what their plans are.

Also very disappointed! Long time user of ATVFlash on 1st & 2nd gen ATV with all my DVDs in .dvdmedia format (via RipIt or MDRP). Was very excited for new ATV4 and new Infuse but the excitement is gone and replaced by disappointment. Does Firecore have any plans for Infuse to support .dvdmedia files? If not, is there any suggestions on how to convert my .dvdmedia files to a format that Infuse can play? I dread having to convert hundreds of files!

Hope they will add this soon. Don’t like the KODI interface on ATV 4

I’m also happy with Infuse 4 and video_TS support is absolutly one thing i would like to see soon in it. This is the only thing i also need to play all my media files from my Synology NAS. For the moment i still have to use my Western Digital Live TV only for video_TS files.

So, please hurry up :wink:

Support for .dvdmedia is the only reason I liked Infuse in ATV 2. Why has support been discontinued?

I believe one of the main reasons is finding an implementation whose license is compatible with the App Store. The last thing FireCore want to do is to include something that means that Infuse is pulled from the App Store by Apple due to licensing issues.

Obviously this was not an issue for Infuse on the ATV2 because it was never released via the App Store.

I too would love such support to be added!



First thanks for many years of a well designed and well maintained product. I’m also a long time user and a life time upgrade. Feeling a little unappreciated given that many of us supported Firecore for so long. Can we at least get a road map to when Video_TS / VOB support will be implemented? Thanks.


Does Infuse 5 support .dvdmedia files?

Please add ISO support.

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