DVD (.dvdmedia) movies from iMac to ATV2?

I have a lot of my movies copied to my iMac from Ripit, i dont want to “handbrake” them into iTunes, so my thought is…

Does it work to stream .dvdmedia movies to ATV2 Flash Black? I think i saw somewhere in this forum that people are having trouble streaming DVD media…

Again my movies are pure .dvdmedia files, no encoding or compression, just plain copies of the original DVD

Yes, .dvdmedia files are supported in the current version.

There are a few edge case issues we’re working to resolve (related to rare types of DVD menus) but other than that 99% of all .dvdmedia files should be working just fine

Ok, thats nice to hear. So there should be no problem with the WiFi “speed” or “buffer” with such large files as .dvdmedia are?

Another question. Does it matter if rip the DVD’s with or without the “.dvdmedia” extension?

Thanks for fast reply!

A decent wifi signal should be sufficient to stream .dvdmedia files.

Essentially, .dvdmedia files are just DVD folders that have an extension added to them so they open with your Mac’s DVD Player appellation when you double-click them. You can keep the extension, or remove it. Both will work with aTV Flash (black).

Thanks alot for the support… the hardest part remains… the jailbreak and all  :P but i’ll do some reading on it first…


thanks James!

ok… so… “untethered” means that if i have to disconnect the power to the atv after JB with my imac, the JB will be gone?

I have the mac in one end of the room and atv and plasma on the other side of the room. Have all my cables and such nicely done… so i dont really have a good way to do this if the power cant be turned of :frowning:


I could wait for untethered though… no rush


Seas0nPass will currently default to the 4.3 version, which is untethered, but the jailbreak for the 4.4 version is still tethered.

Tethered jailbreaks aren’t the end of the world, you will just need to connect the AppleTV to a computer anytime it’s powered off.

An untethered version for the 4.4 software should be available soon. http://fireco.re/Cb8z

Cool! I’ll hold on for that one :slight_smile: Thanks J

I did the JB now, i actually did the untethered one and it worked fine. Im surprised over how well the movies work! Buffering takes a second or two but overall, to watch a movie like this is faster than using a DVD player!!! I love this, the sound and subs work great to. 



Great to hear. :)

Well… hmm… i only tried one movie. Tried loading the BBC Planet Earth Life discs, but got stuck in the menu. Will try to rip them without menu and see.

I have Xilisoft DVD Copy for mac, in wich “main movie” can be selected as rip.


Edit: Maybe this thread can be moved to another part of the forum?

Wasnt able to rip “Life” as “main movie” only, Xilisoft couldnt break it. However the Ripit complete rip of the DVD works fine on my Mac. But not on the Apple TV.

The “Human Planet” series is even harder, even Ripit couldnt crack them!


Just wondering, is there any update on getting dvdmedia files to work with the latest AppleTV? I just recently purchased one and having my DVD collection ripped to my computer with over 500+ movies, it would be great to see this feature in action.

.dvdmedia files have been working for quite some time on the ATV2 with aTV Flash (black) installed.

However, aTV Flash (black) is not yet compatible with the 3rd gen Apple TV (released on March 2012). Sorry.


Right, I understand. Will you ever have an app that works with the third generation Apple TV?

We’re hoping to. Yes.


Awesome! Good to know! Any time frame when to expect it?