DVD Chapters Not Working?

I thought I read that the latest Media Player (0.7) supported chapters, however in all the DVDs I’ve tried the only way I can access the real chapters is through the DVD menu. Holding select to access the chapter options, or pressing up to see the playback bar with chapter marks, all I get are automatic chapters (the movie being automatically broken into 10 even pieces). These do not relate to the number, or placement of the real chapters stored on the disc.

Is this just a feature that’s unfinished, or is there some way to get it to work better than this?

This is an unfinished feature. Support for actual DVD chapters will be coming later.

Is there someplace I should be looking to get the current list of fully implemented features. I’m planning on getting an ATV2 for this as it seems to work really well, but I’d hate to keep reporting unfinished features as bugs.