DVD Box Sets

Hi guys, loving the latest update :D

Just wondering if as well as being able to define a folder as containing Movies or TV Shows, it would also be possible to include the option to define a folder as being a Box Set (ie. containing multiple DVD discs/folders)? This might then make it possible to alphabetise them along with other DVD discs/folders, rather than having them ordered first.

Sorry, just wanted to clarify. In Grid view the ‘box set’ folders (containing a folder.jpg and subfolders for each DVD disc) appear before all the other regular DVD folders (containing just the VIDEO_TS). However in List view, whilst they appear correctly alphabetised, they have folder icons next to the box set title (although the cover-art provided by the folder.jpg does show on the left-hand side)

Hope that makes sense?

+1 for dvd box sets