DV and Atmos on macOS?

It looks like Atmos isn’t supported on macOS but DV is? Is there a way to confirm that DV is being played? I’ve looked at the advanced settings during playback but don’t see any such indication.



Atmos files can be played, and Infuse 7.2+ will support spatial audio.

There are plans to investigate enhanced spatial audio for Atmos files, and there is a thread about this here.

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And what about DV/Atmos playback indicators for Infuse on macOS? I don’t use Infuse on iOS and on Apple TV I have my AVR and TV info buttons to confirm DV/HDR10/Atmos playback.

There aren’t really any visual indicators on macOS. However, if you’re using AirPods you can see the spatial audio status by selecting the Sound item from Control Center (in the upper nav bar).