Duplicates in OneDrive still appear after being deleted

I mostly stream from OneDrive to Infuse. For some movies, I’ve had multiple versions, such as a Blu-ray version and a DVD version.

After deleting one of the versions from OneDrive, and then rescanning the library, the deleted items still appear in the menu. If I click on one of the deleted items, I get an error message that says “OneDrive request failed”.

Does anyone know what I can do to prevent the deleted files from continuing to appear?

How are you rescanning the library? Are you using the “Scan for Changes” button or are you using the scan when you first launch Infuse?

I use library → scan for changes (or “oppdater bibliotek” as it is in Norwegian language version).

I might add that these are movies that reside in playlists and collections. It is only there that they appear as duplicates. If I go to the respective movies in the favorite folders they are stored in, other versions do not show.

I might also add that the movies are shared to my OneDrive account from other OneDrive accounts (that I also own).

Last time i scanned in the tvOS app, I got a message saying that OneDrive scan failed, but this message has not appeared while scanning in iOS.

If an item is removed manually from OneDrive (outside Infuse) it will still remain listed in Playlists and Collections. This is done by design, as often times there are cases where a device or drive is offline (or unavailable from your current location) and Infuse isn’t able to know if the file not being available is temporary or permanent.

If you delete files from within Infuse, then those files will also be removed from any Playlists or Collections.

I now tried to delete the duplicates from inside Infuse, but got an error message. Don’t know what that’s all about.

If you are trying to delete a file that has already been removed, then that won’t be possible. You can use the option to remove the item from the playlist to remove the entry from Infuse.

I removed the item from the collection, and then added it again. Still shows as 3 versions, and not possible to change order within the collection.

I then deleted the whole collection and re-added. Same result.

I then deleted the favorite folder and re-added. Same result again.

Do I have to rescan the library after doing each of these steps for it to work?