Duplicates in my Plex playlist


A friend of mine shares his large remote Plex library with me, I use Infuse to get access to his contents. And I’ve created 2 playlists to watch easily the stuff I like but on my tv shows playlist, there are duplicates for the same episodes I’ve added to the playlist. I don’t encounter the same issue on my movies playlist, which works just fine.

Is there a fix for that ?

For example, in the picture that I’ve attached you can see there’s duplicates for 4 episodes from 4 differents shows. I don’t have the issue on Plex app but I’d like very much to use only Infuse.


No idea? Anyone?

I’m also getting this issue on playlists from my Plex server. Anyone got any ideas on how to resolve? Thanks

I’m still getting this issue, I’ve tried removing and re-adding the Plex connection. Anyone else experiencing this?

I am having this issue also. TV shows in playlist are duplicates while the movies are normal.


Yes, movies are fine in playlists for me too.

Still getting this issue. Have tried reconnecting Plex, reinstalling the app, checked that there’s no shares duplicated… very odd. Anyone got any ideas?

I have the same problem. Is this an Infuse problem or maybe a change in Plex Server?

This is now fixed for me. Not sure if there was an app update or an update to Plex, but duplicates are no longer showing in playlists.

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