Duplicates in Library Apple TV 4K OS13

Hi all,

I’m having an issue where I’m getting duplicates of all my movies in my library. I have a 8T external connected to my iMac for the share. I have iCloud sync on… I know that dupes are supposed to clear themselves after the library sync but that is not happening for me. Sync is complete and I still have dupes, there’s up to four dupes for certain movies. TV OS app is up to date if you are wondering and I’m running OS 13 on the ATV 4K.

Any clue as to a possible fix for this? I’m getting 4 copies of the same movie, and it’s driving my OCD crazy.

When you say that Infuse is up to date do you mean version 6.1.7?

Yes, I’m running 6.1.7. I’m also running Infuse Pro on the ATV.

Are you by chance accessing the movie folder on the server via more than one share? IE Having one share that includes both the movie folder and that folders parent as well as a share of just the movie folder? It may see this as multiple copies of the same movie.

As a test, you could go to settings in Infuse and clear metadata and let it rebuild from zero and see if that clears out the ghosts.

Just tried that and there was two shares via infuse; I’m sure that was the issue for the doubles. I deleted the shares and turned off iCloud sync. I created a new share, and it’s not able to pull the movie/tv data from my server. I’m getting a “access denied” error when I’m pointing the iOS app to the folder on the server; as a result my library will not populate. Any suggestions to that fix?

What type of device are you streaming from? Do you know how you are connecting?

Some streaming options like UPnP/DLNA won’t require a username/password, but others like SMB and WebDAV will.

Streaming from a 2015 27" 5K iMac. iMac is connected through thunderbolt to 8TB raid set up. Media is on the RAID server. I have a “streaming only” user set up via the iMac instead of my iCloud credentials. Previous shares were via the streaming user.

Infuse pro6.1.7
atv4k tvos13
tvos12 smb It works perfectly,but tvos13 only use “smb old”
its bug?

What you mean SMB old?

ues xxx.home name fixed~~ smb3 work!