Duplicate TV shows and movies when connecting more than one Plex library

I have an on-LAN Plex, and one on the same Plex account. If I add both servers to Infuse, it appears that Infuse doesn’t de-dupe TV shows and movies I’ve already marked as watched on the original Plex server/share.

Is there a way to get Infuse to sync watched status on actual media I’ve watched, vs. doing that on the specific server/share? I know I can mark them as watched, manually, but that’s a headache with larger libraries.

This is on Apple TV 4K using two separate Plex servers.

If you look in Plex natively does it show the synced watched status?
It’s a very recent addition that Plex is able to sync multiple servers, but if I recall the feature needs switching on.

Ah, I didn’t know this was an option that needed to be turned on. I just did that. I’m assuming this is a go-forward change, but I’ll find the documentation on it to confirm.

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