Duplicate TV shows and movies when connecting more than one Plex library

I have an on-LAN Plex, and one on the same Plex account. If I add both servers to Infuse, it appears that Infuse doesn’t de-dupe TV shows and movies I’ve already marked as watched on the original Plex server/share.

Is there a way to get Infuse to sync watched status on actual media I’ve watched, vs. doing that on the specific server/share? I know I can mark them as watched, manually, but that’s a headache with larger libraries.

This is on Apple TV 4K using two separate Plex servers.

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If you look in Plex natively does it show the synced watched status?
It’s a very recent addition that Plex is able to sync multiple servers, but if I recall the feature needs switching on.

Ah, I didn’t know this was an option that needed to be turned on. I just did that. I’m assuming this is a go-forward change, but I’ll find the documentation on it to confirm.

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Posting again as I can’t reopen this one. When adding more than one Plex library, Infuse does not hide duplicates where both libraries have overlapping content. The sync for play history works, but only hides the items from both libraries after playing. It does nothing to de-dupe the home screen and any consolidated views like Unplayed Movies. Duplicate TV shows and movies when connecting more than one Plex library

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