Duplicate Shares

I keep getting old duplicate shares showing up in my settings which is causing duplicate and triplicate movies, tv shows and metadata. I go back and delete the extra shares and they just end up reappearing on their own after a little while and I’m back to having double and triple copies of movies in my library.

Is this a known bug?

Do you have multiple devices with Infuse using the same Apple ID? If so it may be that you have to delete the old shares on the other devices too or iCloud sync may be putting them back.

So then this brings me to this question: How does the iCloud sync actually work?

My assumption was that if I made a change on one of my devices (ie. removing shares), then that change should then sync to all the other devices.

If I make a change on one of my devices (ie. removing shares), then the setting on another of my devices should NOT overwrite the change I just made as that change should be sent out to be synced to the other devices.

I hope my explanation to the question was clear.

I am not 100% sure but I believe that if when you added the second and subsequent devices if you just started Infuse and let it sit and sync to icloud with your shares without entering anything then it will later follow any changes made as to shares. Otherwise if you start a new copy of infuse on an additional device and go through the selecting shares manually then the sync won’t include shares but it will sync other info gathered even though it’s on the same iCloud user ID.

This is ONLY a guess on my part but I’ve had oddness in the past with those two different scenarios and this may be the issue. Again, only a guess and James would be the one to verify and clarify this.

iCloud Sync will allow you to add a share on one device, and have that same share available on other devices.

Likewise, removing a share on one device will also remove it from other devices.

If you add a share on one device, and then manually add that same share on another device, you will end up with 2 shares which would eventually appear on all your devices. This can be the reason for duplicate shares, and can be resolved by removing the duplicate share from one of the devices.