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when watching ANY TV series the picture of preview are duplicated. when you first start the first episode of the series - everything is fine. all series have a single prewiev. but after viewing the first series, the pictures are duplicated. and so it happens on ANY TV series.

I watch TV shows just over the network from a shared computer folder (windows 10). versions of OS (at AppleTV 4K) and infusion are the latest.

First, how are you connected to the server, SMB, DLNA, FTP, etc?

Second, when you move down to highlight for example in the pic you posted the first episode 13, in the line above where it says “Crime, Drama, Science Fiction” then right after that it says “Ha home”. What does it have where the “Ha home” is when you move over to the second episode 13?

That is showing the location/share where Infuse is seeing the video file.

  1. SMB

  2. Identical inscriptions.

    “home” - name of computer.

  3. I noticed that the preview is duplicated after clicking on the “update data” button. Well, or after an automatic update.
    There were no duplicates. Pressed - appeared.

Can you play the video from both of the duplicates?

Are you browsing via the Library or a folder on the share directly?

Can you check to see if you have 2 copies of the share selected in Settings > Library?

Yes. From both, absolutely the same, suggests continuing viewing from the same time points or starting from the beginning.

  1. directly

2.Only one. But. I have shared the entire drive E: and additionally shared subfolder E:/download/ for more convenient access to files.

and what is the result? what will the developers and support team say? :slight_smile:

It sounds as though when you added the entire drive E as a favorite and then you added the “E:/download/” as a favorite you have duplicated the “E:/download/” directory since it too resides on the E drive so you now have duplicate favorites.

It’s not a good idea to make an entire drive a favorite, instead I’d suggest you Create a separate favorite for say, TV Shows and another for Movies and then you could add a third for downloads. Then when you sort out downloads into the two main favorites by moving them into their respective directories you won’t have dups but Infuse will look into all three directories and you can have a home screen favorite for Downloads.

Another option is to deselect your downloads folder from the library and just use the favorite access you’ve created.

Got it. The only solution is not to duplicate directories. But this is not always convenient. There is a disc with a lot of data, photos, media, etc. And one directory with the most commonly used media. It is convenient to have access both there and there.

Since the problem has been identified, would the developers want to fix it? After all, it is not so difficult to determine that one resource is part of another.
Or another option - if the files have the same name and size, then consider them duplicates and store data in the library only for the one of them.

You can add as many favorites as you like. These will appear as direct links on the Home Screen.

Additionally, by default, favorites are also included in the library view. If you prefer to have Infuse ignore certain favorites so they are hidden from the library (but still visible on the home screen), you can deselect these favorites in Infuse > Settings > Library.

Deselecting the unwanted favorites in this menu should give you the results you are looking for.

So I think what you do is only have the root share, but then add a favorite for your downloads folder instead of having 2 shares

Yes it helped, thanks.

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