Duplicate Movie / Different Format Handling and Recently Added in List View?

Recently installed ATV Flash and I am very impressed. Have primarily been looking for a replacement for Plex’s extremely finicky Mac client. Two questions:

(1) Does ATV Flash have any way of handling duplicate movies that are in different formats (e.g. ISO and MP4)? Currently, they both show up in the list/grid view and it’s difficult to distinguish the two. Plex would combine the movies into one entry and then when you clicked on it, it would allow you to select the format (e.g. ISO or MP4). I have my different formated movies in different folders on the same share, so one possible work-around would be to exclude a folder, but I cannot find a way to do that. 

(2) Is there no way to have “Recently Added” added to the Favorites menu? I prefer the list view, so even if I set the Media Shelf option to “Recently Added,” it does not appear that I can see that when in list view. 



  1. Unfortunately we don’t have a good way to handle duplicates right now…hopefully in a future version though.

  2. That’s an interesting idea that I don’t think would be too hard to add. We’ll see if we can make it happen.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far!