Duplicate metadata (poster)

I just purchased an apple TV 4K and infuse pro 6.
After add the NAS files, I noted that many movies have duplicated poster (even 4~5 same posters) on the screen.
But I am sure it is only one single movie on my NAS.
I am not sure what is going on and how to fix it.
Thank you!

Welcome to the forum!

First, do a check on your NAS to verify that you only have one copy. Some folks over time gather the same video with differences such as resolution, directors cut, etc and those will show up as multiple copies of the same video. Second, what protocol are you using to connect to your NAS? SMB, DLNA, FTP etc. Lastly, where are you seeing the multiple copies? Is it in a home screen share? In the Library? In a share you didn’t add but was there to start with?

This info will help determine what to look at to see what’s causing what you’re seeing. :wink:


I am very sue it is only one copy in my NAS. The connection protocol is SMB.
Yes, it shows on home screen. Please find the attached screen files.
Thank you!



Can you use the Edit option on a few of these files to check the actual file name? This may provide a few clues as to what these files are.