Duplicate listing on Tvos app

I’m seeing duplicate icons of downloaded movies under Recently Added Movies and Top Rated Movies on the Apple TV app. Anyone else seeing this? This still shows up in the next window when I click on the See All options for both these categories.

I download movies to one folder but then I delete them after moving them to an external drive. Both folders are readable by Infuse on the apple TV hut why does the duplicate show up when the I delete the original file after transferring it to the drive?

Have you tried using the scan for changes option on the library settings screen?

Sorry. I missed to mention that in my post. Yes I’ve done the scan and it still shows up. Susprisingly enough, I can click on both icons and it plays the video

On the preplayback screen it show’s where each copy is located, are you seeing one copy in the download folder and one in the external drive?

That was an excellent suggestion. As it turns out, my Mac was duplicated in the Shares section under two separate names. This was the reason for each title appearing twice. I removed one of the shares and did a refresh. It looks okay now. Many thanks NC_Bullseye

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