Duplicate Genres

In that case case, you will also get Alternate genres…

So you will get for example FAMILY, in case a movie has Swedish description, most likely it will also have Swedish genre. In that case you will have FAMILY and the same in Swedish.

The Collections I have problems with have a Swedish description. I know that since I have added the translation myself on The Movie Database.

Here are the genres linked to an English genre right now:
The Baby Boss Collection (it appears in both the English genre Animation, Comedy and Family)
Jesse Stone Collection (it appears in the English genre Crime, Mystery and TV movie)
The Virgil Tibbs Collection (it appears in the English genre Crime)
Sinbad Collection (it appears in the English genre Family)

Now I’m getting a bit confused. Why are there two alternatives for Swedish in the section for Subtitles and Metadata? One says Swedish (Sweden) and further down the list there is an alternative just saying Swedish.

Can you please explain the difference?

I am sorry I can’t. But maybe it has to do with the language ur using on your computer.
In Infuse i had the option to choose language English and English (Netherlands)
Infuse doesn’t know that I am in The Netherlands, so I guess it took that info from my computer.

Just saying

Perhaps, but I’m not running Infuse on any computer. I’m using an Apple TV 4K (latest version).

ATV is in this case ur computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you’re right naturally.

I have just found out one thing when it comes to the description of Genres in Swedish and English.

When I was scrolling through the list of movies in the Genre Comedy (English) all of them have a description in English and no description in Swedish. When I looked through the list of movies in the Genre Komedi (Swedish) all seems to have a description in Swedish.

That’s probably the explanation for the fact that two Genres of the same kind appears. But to be honest it’s not logical at all. Not to me anyway.

For example. If I would like to look at a comedy tonight I will look into the genre Komedi to find for example “The Beverly Hills Cop”. But I will not find it since the description of the movie is in English so I have to look in the genre Comedy to find it. Is that logical?

However, it doesn’t explain why a Movie Collection with a Swedish description appears in an English Genre.

As a matter of fact. This is how it worked in the earlier version of Infuse.

If I had set the language for metadata to Swedish and then added my movies. No description of the movie was imported if no description was available in Swedish.

This was changed in some version and I think it was a change that made Infuse better.

Is the first one the one right below the “Auto”? If so I believe that is what your ATV language is set for. The second one is the option to have either your subtitle choice or the metadata language in “Swedish” if your ATV was set to a different language.

If you were to set your ATV to “English” then go to the language settings in Infuse the first one under the Auto would be "English (United States) and then further down the list you’d see just “English”.

Auto just selects the language you have set in the ATV settings the way I understand it.

Ok, I understand. That sounds logical.

Thanks for the explanation.

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Since you’ve edited info before in TMDB as a test, could you look at one of the movies that is only showing English and that is appearing in the English language genres only and then add a Swedish description and see if that causes that movie to lose the English genre?

Also, let me know what movie you’re working with so I can try and duplicate what you’re seeing.

It kind of makes sense that it would pull the English genre if it was an English movies and there wasn’t a translation available for your preferred language.

Just trying to logic this out. :wink:

OK. I have added a Swedish description to an old movie called I.Q. from 1994 with Tim Robbins and Meg Ryan.

I know by experience that if I manually would update this particular movie by selecting to update the Metadata (by using the menu that appears when I press and hold the remote button) it will move from Comedy to Komedi (Swedish) and replace the English description with the Swedish. I just tested it with the movie I.Q. and that’s exactly what happened.

If I would do this with a movie that doesn’t have a Swedish description it will move from Comedy to Komedi - but after a while it will move back to Comedy. I just did this with a movie called Jet Lag from 2002 with Jean Reno. It moved from Comedy to Komedi - but still have the English description since there is no Swedish description. If I would wait a few days it would appear in the English genre Comedy again.

I’m not sure how to test this without having to wait for a day or two…

I appreciate you doing that, I guess we can keep an eye on it for a few days and see if it sticks now with a Swedish description. My guess is that it will now that TMDB can provide a Swedish description. This may be the best solution to having movies in the right genre language is to make sure it has a description in the corresponding language.

Since Infuse doesn’t usually update the metadata in the Library once it’s set you may have to do a refresh metadata once you have them updated.

Hello again.

I have now found out the reason for the Movie Collections that appears in the English genres. It’s because at least one of the movies in the collection has a description in English. When I add a Swedish description to that movie it disappears from the English genre.

Thanks for verifying that, as I has said earlier

Now we know what causes it! Thanks again. :+1:

I am in the same situation as you but do not know how to change the description
How did you modified the description

To do this you would need to join TMDB and then you would be able to add the language descriptions for the items that are showing incorrect genres.

It’s really easy but you do need to really follow their rules and read their “Contribution Bible”

When you help by adding to TMDB you’re helping not only yourself but all of the users who will benefit from your work!

Again, just make sure you read the rules before you jump in with changes. :wink:

I noticed I had a mess of Genres in my library, both Swedish and English.
Most likely as scanned for meta data with language setting on both as my collection have a mix both content for both languages.

Can you make tags to be consistent?
i.e. only show Documentary and not Documentary and Dokumentär.

Or are genres just simple text-tags?

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I have been able to trigger this behavior.
If I clear the metadata and rebuild the metadata it will only show the Swedish (that’s how I want it)
However if I manually choose to edit metadata to correct a film that is not identified correctly it I immediately get the English genres too