Duplicate Genres

Infuse is automatically showing a Group for every Genre that is pulled from TVDB TMDB or what ever DB is currently used to get Meta data. If you log in to Infuse from different devices with different languages, a Movie Metadata might get the Genre stored in different languages. Things will get worse if you hve iCloud Sync enabled.This will cause Infuse to show 2 Genre Groups. If you use Plex, Emby or Jellyfin, you can easily edit the Metadata and remove 2nd language genre from the Metadata and there will be only one Genre Group left in Infuse. However I do not know if you can edit the Metadta that easily if you use Infuse without any of the apps above.

this should really be adressed. it drives me nuts

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How can I delete the iCloud data?

When using Infuse in swedish i get these movie genres:

Comedy (xx)
Documentary (x)
Dokumentär (x)
Komedi (xx)
Science Fiction

As you se Komedi and Dokumentär has english counterparts that are almost empty. Its not a big issue but maybe they should be removed.

Also, Music should be Musik


Also got this “issue”.

Reply from Firecore team :

"Yes, we’re aware of this issue and it can appear when you have content that has different genres on TMDb.

We don’t have an ETA on a fix right now, but you can follow this thread for updates.

Duplicate Genres

Firecore, LLC


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Sorry for making posting a message in this thread so late but I have experienced the same problem.

I’m Swedish and I have also seen that Genres appears in two languages - Swedish and English. For example Familj (Swedish) and Family (English). I’m not using any .NFO files in anywhere in my catalogues of movies.

When I find a movie linked to the wrong language version of the genre I select edit Metadata and reconnect it to the correct move again and the genre will then change to the correct language. However, after a while I will find the same move linked to the wrong language again.

But I have found another problem related to the genre issue and that when a Movie Collection is linked to the wrong genre language. When that happens it’s impossible to solve the problem. So have have several genres linked to English and when I open that genre the only thing displayed is a Movie Collection. Quite enjoying I have to say.

Does anyone have a solution to that problem?

I moved your post to another thread that appears to be closer to what you’re seeing. You may want to review it and see if it sheds any light on your issue.

Ok, thanks.

I had the same with Dutch.
I changed the metadata language from English (Netherlands) to English (United Kingdom)

Then I refreshed the metadata, That did the job for me. Everything is in English now.

Maybe you have set language to English (Swedish)?

Ps. Do not use AUTO, then it will get English and Swedish.

And didn’t you also have .nfo files with different genres that were causing you problems?

I’ve set the language to Swedish so most movies are linked to a genre in Swedish. The descriptions of movies and TV shows are also in Swedish where it’s available. If no description is available in Swedish I’ll get English as the alternate language, and that’s ok with me.

Can you provide an example of a collection that does this?

Yes I had nfo files. Solved that.
Cotignac said he doesn’t have nfo files… so that can not cause his problem.

In that case case, you will also get Alternate genres…

So you will get for example FAMILY, in case a movie has Swedish description, most likely it will also have Swedish genre. In that case you will have FAMILY and the same in Swedish.

The Collections I have problems with have a Swedish description. I know that since I have added the translation myself on The Movie Database.

Here are the genres linked to an English genre right now:
The Baby Boss Collection (it appears in both the English genre Animation, Comedy and Family)
Jesse Stone Collection (it appears in the English genre Crime, Mystery and TV movie)
The Virgil Tibbs Collection (it appears in the English genre Crime)
Sinbad Collection (it appears in the English genre Family)

Now I’m getting a bit confused. Why are there two alternatives for Swedish in the section for Subtitles and Metadata? One says Swedish (Sweden) and further down the list there is an alternative just saying Swedish.

Can you please explain the difference?

I am sorry I can’t. But maybe it has to do with the language ur using on your computer.
In Infuse i had the option to choose language English and English (Netherlands)
Infuse doesn’t know that I am in The Netherlands, so I guess it took that info from my computer.

Just saying

Perhaps, but I’m not running Infuse on any computer. I’m using an Apple TV 4K (latest version).

ATV is in this case ur computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you’re right naturally.

I have just found out one thing when it comes to the description of Genres in Swedish and English.

When I was scrolling through the list of movies in the Genre Comedy (English) all of them have a description in English and no description in Swedish. When I looked through the list of movies in the Genre Komedi (Swedish) all seems to have a description in Swedish.

That’s probably the explanation for the fact that two Genres of the same kind appears. But to be honest it’s not logical at all. Not to me anyway.

For example. If I would like to look at a comedy tonight I will look into the genre Komedi to find for example “The Beverly Hills Cop”. But I will not find it since the description of the movie is in English so I have to look in the genre Comedy to find it. Is that logical?

However, it doesn’t explain why a Movie Collection with a Swedish description appears in an English Genre.