Duplicate Entries (TMDB/NFO) Not Merged

You can’t.

Though I believe you can include cast photos if you host them locally (which I’d hate to have to do), or include links to them all at TMDB.

Infuse supports the .nfo <actor> tag, and additionally its sub-tags <name>, <role>, and <thumb> — but not <order> — as seen in this snippet from Firecore’s sample .nfo:

        <name>Gal Gadot</name>
        <role>Diana Prince / Wonder Woman</role>

I personally hate the Firecore added “support” for custom cast info to Infuse — it broke .nfo usage so badly, I can’t use it at all.

.nfo was once a perfectly convenient way for me to use Sort by Title to control Infuse’s sorting of my collection. I prefer the majority of my film franchises grouped together, in chronological order — but with all films remaining as individual movies in the Library and not hidden in a Collections folder). Previously I could edit titles to custom-sort a franchise like Indiana Jones and keep Raiders of the Lost Ark sorted ahead of the following films in the trilogy (or quadrilogy :confused:), and not orphaned alone in the Rs. Or, for another example, keep the entire Jurassic Park and Jurassic World series’ together without The Lost World (Jurassic Park 2) winding up orphaned in the Ls.

Rarely does a series’ chronological order match their alphabetical order (as the first three Bourne films did … until the 4th and 5th came out).

Further, I would use .nfo to customize the film’s Titles to distinguish between multiple versions … for example:

I’ve got a few versions of A New Hope: I’ve got the vandalized blu-ray Special Edition; and the far better fan reconstructions 4K77 and D+77. I’ve got 4 copies of each LoTR film; Theatrical and Extended each in both HD and 4K. What are there, maybe 5 versions of Blade Runner? 3 of Apocalypse Now? You get the Idea.

[ I don’t care to use Infuse’s new grouping feature because I invested a lot of energy into creating my own unique posters and fanart for each version and I prefer they all be displayed in their full glory independently. ]

Sorting by filename is workable enough alternative with movies (since Infuse actually sorts by folder name if there if only one film per folder — so the actual media files’ filenames can remain consistent with TMDB identification) — but since, (apparently unknown by Firecore until I brought it up), Infuse will not and, as structured, can not sort TV Series and TMDB Collections by filename, it was preferable to me to sort by title and update my movies’ titles via .nfo, to compensate for being unable to use filenames throughout the app. HOPEFULLY Infuse will someday give us the option to sort different categories and views and folders each by our own preference instead of one global preference; but until that day, or until Infuse fixes the cast and crew search and .nfo issues; I’m stuck having to switch between the two views and my experience using Infuse since this happened is definitely worse than it was when I began using it — (that is, apart from when Firecore finally fixed my original day-one pet-peeve — the unnecessary splitting of TMDB’s three ampersanded TV genres).

The root of the problem is that if you include Cast and Crew tags in your .nfo — and more insidiously, even if you REMOVE cast and crew TAGS from your .nfo — the very presence of an .nfo causes Infuse to disconnect your title from it’s TMDB-derived cast and crew database.

Even if you have no cast & crew tags in your .nfo — as I didn’t, because I didn’t care to change the info on TMDB, which is certainly accurate enough for me — suddenly every movie and TV show has ZERO cast members visible on the titles’ details pages.

What’s really happening here is not what one would desire — that IF cast tags exist, they be incorporated into Infuse’s existing cast and crew database.

Even IF EVERY SINGLE .nfo FILE for EVERY ITEM IN YOUR COLLECTION includes the full cast and crew details downloaded from TMDB itself (via Kodi or TMM) — and thus is identical to Infuse’s own — Infuse STILL CREATES A SEPARATE DATABASE. And only Infuse’s now mostly invisible TMDB-sourced database is build and completed in the background by unobtrusively and completely indexing one’s entire media collection.

So no matter what, Infuse still downloads cast and crew metadata and images from TMDB, and uses that in its primary database. Only, Infuse won’t display that information to users who have .nfo files. Instead, it only displays the cast and crew members specifically included in the .nfo — for which Infuse CREATES AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT DATABASE — and only if it their titles were indexed.


If you select an actor’s headshot (or their generic icon when images haven’t been imported), the only results you’ll see are that actor’s films or series which you’ve already accessed by navigating to them in the UI — not results from all the titles extant in your library which they actually appeared in.

Unlike with Infuse’s own TMDB-sourced cast and crew database, the .nfo-sourced database is not created in the background. Cast and crew members’ films and TV appearances are only added to the database “on demand” — that is, only after you, the users, browse to (and perhaps, necessarily) open up a given title that they appear in.

Worse, if you conduct a manual search for an actor via the Home Screen search :mag: button, you’ll get TWO results for every actor who was scanned into the .nfo database. That means, two identical headshots, side by side.

If you click one, you’ll be shown their complete filmography. If you click the other, you’ll only see a very limited list; because you wouldn’t have navigated yet to view every title in your collection.

There’s no way to tell the two headshots apart.

Firecore has broken cast and crew search completely.

I’ve wrote extensively about this to @james — but it seems not to be a concern of theirs at all.

This “new feature”, I imagine, isn’t really benefiting anyone; and it has RUINED a huge part of the Infuse experience for me. This “feature” has been the largest turd Firecore has yet dropped since I began using and loving this software.

It boggles my mind how it has gone this long without correction (especially considering that searching for cast and crew through the :mag: icon was further broken a few updates later).

Since Infuse users cannot create custom movies or tv shows with .nfo files from scratch — I can’t see why their would currently be any demand at all for allowing custom cast.

If a cast member is missing from TMDB’s cast database, one can far more easily go to TMDB and add them. Doing so will help not just one’s self but all fellow metadata consumers.

So, yeah, what you’re seeing is the currently expected behavior of Infuse; because Infuse is broken.

Ah — the other key point. @James at one point said XML might not be as fully supported with regard to Cast & Crew. I’m not aware of this is still true or not. My apologies.

@James — the sample.xml shows <cast> tags — but no cast <image> tags.

Why would Firecore even read <cast> tags from .xml if cast photos aren’t included?

If Infuse refused to read .xml <cast> tags (as Infuse previously ignored those tags in .nfo) — I could change all my .nfo files to .xml and Infuse would no longer either kill my display of cast and crew or kill my searching for cast and crew.

Better yet, if you believe the addition of recognizing cast and crew (especially considering the absence of ability to create custom entries for home movies or whatever … any content not allowed on TMDB) is important enough, why not add an option in the settings to ignore .nfo cast and go with TMDB cast?

Or, better yet, just go with TMDB cast if there are no <cast> tags in the .nfo?

This parallel-but-unequal dual database situation is really terrible.

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Forgot to follow-up on this topic, but support for the <tmdbid> tag for people was added awhile back, and this can be used to link cast/crew added via NFO files with those which have been fetched from TMDB.

If this tag is present the the actor name and image will be fetched from TMDB, so these fields do not need to be added manually.

The sample.nfo file in the support doc has been updated to reflect how this tag can be used.

And does this eliminate both the duplicate entries and lack of background indexing of .nfo-sourced metadata?

If so, I look forward to being able to resume using local .nfo to alter TMDB move titles (and thus regain control of Infuse’s sorting of my media collection).

Thanks for updating the topic.

Yes, with the tag present it will be linked when searching.

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And does this then fix the problem where cast members of .nfo associated titles were only added to Infuse’s cast member database when a user navigates to each individual movie? Or does this remain an issue only with cast members whose .nfo entries do not include the <tmdbid> tag?

Do you know of software that batch updates cast member tags in existing .nfo files with the correct <tmdbid> tag?

Working here for me.

What I tested.

  1. Add NFO file for The Matrix (1999) with <tmdbid> tag for Ben Affleck (880)
  2. Clear all metadata
  3. Let Infuse scan library
  4. Search for Ben Affleck

I see all normal TMDB titles which actually have Ben Affleck (EG The Town, Batman v Superman, The Accountant, etc…) as well as The Matrix which is using info from the NFO file.

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