Duplicate Entries (TMDB/NFO) Not Merged

I first deleted the show and then reinstalled it to a new folder; but yes, I then attempted an edit metadata and nothing changed.

Here’s what I’ve found, @james :

1) If a user has utilized local .nfo files, even if such .nfo files have no <actor></actor> tags, Infuse will now only show (or attempt to show) the user’s local .nfo files’ Cast & Crew details; while hiding (but still downloading) Cast & Crew data sourced from TMDB.

  • This is probably the way the new “feature” was intended to function.

  • (Personally I don’t understand why anyone would want to maintain local lists of Cast & Crew when the best they could hope to do is duplicate what’s already been done on TMDB; but I suppose for a few lesser popular programs where they may find TMDB’s database lacking, they might be inclined to improve such lists for those specific titles … and yet for some reason not want to add their additions to TMDB itself — and in so doing help the greater community who will then benefit from the work they did collecting cast and crew info for movies or television shows where TMDB’s database was deficient … :man_shrugging:t2:)

  • Did the people who wanted local control of Cast & Crew want it for one-off titles with insufficient data on TMDB, or for every title in their entire libraries? And did these people not already use something like Plex or Emby which would permit them to do this in a non-destructive way? Because … there are now issues for users with vanilla Infuse, who need to use .nfo files for other purposes — I require them to alter <title> and <sorttitle> tags, for aesthetics, series management, and primarily, to make up for TMDB’s and Infuse’s lack of support for multiple versions (theatrical vs extended cuts, and/or 4K vs HD) :

2) Infuse continues to download complete Cast & Crew data from TMDB, creating two parallel and presumably very redundant data sets.

  • I know this because every one of the 3,450 movies and 11,303 television episodes currently in my library and indexed by Infuse are paired with local .nfo files — all of which sourced their Cast & Crew data from the same place Infuse does: TMDB.

  • I don’t believe this was the intention of the designers/coders who added this new “feature”.

3) When an Infuse user clicks on a Cast & Crew Bar headshot photo on a movie or TV show’s details page, Infuse displays a list of “all” the other titles in a user’s library which that Cast or Crew member was also a cast or crew member in. Click on “Nicolas Cage’s mug shot, and see all other movies or TV episodes in your collection in which Nicolas Cage also appears in. Easy.

  • This feature is powered by the alternative Cast & Crew database Infuse presumably creates ONLY utilizing data scraped from an Infuse user’s local metadata. Infuse’s background TMDB-sourced data is NOT utilized here.

4) However, were a user to search for “Nicolas Cage” through Infuse’s search feature (where one must type in a person’s name), Infuse shows results gathered both from its Cast & Crew database generated by scraping the user’s local .nfo files, AND the otherwise inaccessible, database Infuse is still sourcing from TMDB in the background, even for titles where local .nfo files exist.

  • Thus, Infuse displays search results drawn from TWO DISTINCT DATABASES, created in parallel, resulting in the doubling up of results delivered for every Cast & Crew member who exists in both databases (as illustrated in my first post above).

5) Infuse NEVER performs a complete scan of all .nfo files in an entire user’s library. Infuse seems to only flesh out this locally-sourced Cast & Crew database “on demand” — adding entries as titles are viewed or otherwise accessed on screen.

6) The only Cast & Crew database Infuse generates to completion on it’s own, in the background, is the “hidden” database it still sources from TMDB — even when a user’s entire library is paired with .nfo files.

7) Infuse never “merges” it’s two distinct Cast & Crew databases. This is why a search for “Nicolas Cage” results in two copies of the same photo of Nicolas Cage (or any other actor or crew member you might search for).

  • Presumably, if my intent to override TMDB-sourced Cast & Crew data was so the I could use a different picture of Nicolas Cage than the one TMDB offers, I’d have two Nicolas Cage entries show up in search — one with the TMDB picture, and one with my preferred picture. The TMDB entry would likely be the more accurate of the two, in terms of results delivered.

  • Presumably, if my intent to override TMDB-sourced Cast & Crew data was so that I could rename Nicolas Cage as “Nick Mother-F—king Cage!!” … I’d similarly have two entries. One for Nicolas, and another for Nick.


8) I believe I’ve determined why series regular cast members have stopped appearing in the majority of my television shows’ details page Cast & Crew Bar:

** Infuse does not scan users’s local tvshow.nfo files — the singular files per series which contain data that applies to all seasons and episodes of a series.** *
** As created by my version of Kodi, this is where primary (series regular) cast members are included in local metadata <actor> tags. *
** <actor> tags within each episode’s .nfo files (which Infuse does index) seem to be limited to actors identified as “recurring” or “guest stars”, and are properly specific to each episode.*

EDIT TO ADD: I’ve since learned more —

  • Alternatively, Infuse could add support for actor tags.

  • Or, I can recreate all 11,499 television episode .nfo files in my collection, this time making sure to scrape TMDB with the original version of their Kodi scraper that doesn’t put series/season regular actors last in the generated .nfo files, as the Python based TMDB television scraper does.

  • ** Best case solution (and what should have been done from the start): Allow users the option to continue letting Infuse manage cast and crew.**

The implications of the above listed aspects of this update don’t seem to have been fully thought out before they were implemented.

This update broke Infuse for me in a very meaningful way. The ability to search my complete collection by cast & crew has been second in value to me only to Infuse’s outstanding ability to simply play any file I throw at it.

It still plays all my files exceptionally well. But as a truly awesome manager of and portal to all of my content, it’s taken a huge step back. :disappointed:

@james , PLEASE make it a priority for the very next update to allow users to chose to utilize and display throughout Infuse ONLY the TMDB derived Cast and Crew data that already exist on our AppleTVs since you still are downloading it anyway, even though all my files are paired with .nfo files (for non-Cast & Crew related matters that are also essential to me).

Perhaps the following settings menu entry should be added:

Cast and Crew:

  • If you’re going to search both, you might as well merge the duplicates, right?

Thank you for reading.

Thank you double for working to fix this.