Duplicate content possibly caused my multiple Apple TVs


I’ve seen a few threads regarding duplicate films and tv shows. They’ve not solved the issue for me.

I’ve discovered duplicate TV shows appearing for episodes.

This wasn’t happening when I first added shares via my iPhone set up for the living room Apple TV. I have Google Drive, and two NAS drives shared. Despite a few duplicate files across the three shares, this populated the library correctly (with no duplicates).

However, I’ve noticed that since I’ve added a new Apple TV in the bedroom, duplicates are appearing in the library.

It feels like a duplication is being caused by the newer bedroom Apple TV syncing metadata again. Is this duplicating via iCloud sharing?

Does anyone know how to remove the duplicates and stop them from reappearing?


It sounds like you may have selected favorites that have duplicate items in them. You can deselect the ones that have the duplicates in them and then you’ll only see one.

The best way would be to delete the duplicates from your storage though.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I haven’t selected any favourites TV shows yet.

I would expect duplicates would happen with TV shows that do have duplicates files. But it is happening with TV shows that don’t have duplicate files on the source locations.

For example, I’m seeing duplicate episodes for TV shows that I’ve only recently downloaded.

It feels like it only started when I set up the new Apple TV.

I didn’t mean favorite tv shows, I meant shares that you have favorited.

How are you connected to the shares? DLNA, UPnP, FTP SMB Etc?

One GDrive and two NAS drives linked by SMB


This is an example. I’ve included screenshots of Infuse and the source folder.

No duplicates in the source folder

Any thoughts?

Not sure why you have folders for each episode but if you follow this example (just change the series name) you should be good to go.

When you set up your Apple TV did you let iCloud sync all your shares over or did you manually add them again?

It automatically had all my shares present. So I didn’t have to go through adding each shares again

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I’ve moved each file out of the folder as shown. I’ll let the sync to rerun and hopefully that’ll fix it. However, I don’t know if it will sort it. I thought the meta-data is linked the the video file not the folder

I’ll let you know how that goes.

Can you show how you have the files named?

I discovered they are duplicates on different shares looking at the file path detail on the iOS app.

I guess that leaves me with one last question. Why doesn’t Infuse merge duplicate episodes giving an option which version of the file to play?

Thanks for your time and help

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